Accolades for Around the World by Mistake

Around The World By Mistake
Around The World By Mistake

“What a total success your book is. I truly loved it. Mystery, memoir, adventure.“— Sonia  Rosenbaum, Director, Newgate Capital Management

 “A beautiful book — heartfelt — charming — joyful! Just wish I could have seen that world with you.” — Patricia Bosworth, Author of Diane Arbus, Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando

“We are enjoying your book immensely: We’re in Bombay now and how vividly you picture it for us! Your mixture of the day’s events and people, with wonderful ruminations on so many fundamental questions, as well as great descriptive passages, make it an absorbing book.”Andrew Rice, founder of Society for International Relations, a research group whose work led to the creation of the Peace Corps.

“Paul is enjoying it right now, next is my turn! Life is an adventure, and you are a champion of that spirit. Love.”  Paul & Elizabeth Susstick, educators, entrepreneurs.

“I believe the word is “darshan.” Just being in your presence moves & delights me. And then you speak, and the bliss is even greater. Then … you buy us lunch?

Could the universe hold any more joy?

Yes! It can! Seeing the cover of  “Around the World by Mistake” and am now anticipating its arrival in the world.“— Richard Beban & Kaarin Kitchell, writers, actors, bloggers: Paris Play.

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