Jane & Alexander Eliot 1963
Jane & Alexander Eliot 1963

Jane Winslow Eliot grew up in Spain, England, and Italy before moving to western New York and then to New York City where she worked at CBS with Edward R. Murrow and at Time Magazine.

From the time she was sixteen she was deeply interested in Rudolf Steiner’s work, and much later she attended Emerson College in Sussex, England, to get her teaching certification. She was also interested in spiritual streams from all over the world, and with her husband, Alexander Eliot, traveled to practically every sacred place on the globe.

Her articles and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Horticulture, Travel & Leisure, Newsday, The Los Angeles Reader, and Chicken Soup for the Traveler’s Soul.

Her books range from seminal essays for parents and teachers such as Let’s Talk, Let’s Play (AWSNA Publications 1997) and The Soul of Color (Spiral Press 1984) to The History of the Western Railroads (Exeter 1985), and Fisher’s Annotated Guide to Greece 1984 -1988. A film she made with her husband, Alexander Eliot, called The Secret of Michelangelo – Every Man’s Dream appeared on ABC primetime television in 1967-68.

Her most recent books are Around the World by Mistake, a lively description of the freighter trip she and her husband, Alexander Eliot, took with their two children in 1963, and Beyond Measure – A Cookbook for People Who Think They Can’t Cook. She also wrote a children’s book called Santa Claus’s Secret Name – a guessing-game story to be read aloud.